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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Devoted farmer

The old man looked so charming and romantic that Jakhvrdm. Bakmk cane, slowly walking back to the old man who had asked that attracted me to her? Hassan Nejad said Ryzly, the devoted farmer. Were seen more clearly my. Wow Saadati! Back to the early period. Dictate the devoted farmer 
That night I had the camera along. The next night, finally around noon the day of Ashura woman he led into categories. Ryzly way the board and I went looking for him. Hello I let pictures 
You gotta hand it seems that time the torch was taken and saved Qtarmsafry was taken to kiss it and knocked a souvenir photograph 
With the blessing of a lifetime dream and I said goodbye to sacrifice stability for 

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Sahand Mountain dwellers

Hello and welcome Bo shirt Sahand



Red Dome

Golestan forest  

Sunflowers in the temper


Is a strange name. Solomon on the back side is flat To See the man obliges with a ton of water would have. Three Springs in the distance is a few yards apart, with different temperatures, two are sent to a very small pond, his male and female natives have a very beautiful valley Drblnday is located, to seeing worth Bvmyansh if you are familiar. Atraq night I asked for is whether the security? Like you said the house! Way to get it hot (hand stand) * Stand apart and Solomon 20 kg Mtrbh move the bed between me and the way the river behind Ydvghmysh Investment, River Dell to Go! Why his fish are Pzyrayt . Path is so pristine that you loved her will. 'm Roads around Mnyshjh! Is a strange creation, and should see up close. Ribbed mountains and the sound coming out of hot water can make you question and after a few seconds will disappear.Step woman who sounds strange land of mountains and hear! God, what is wisdom? Cognitive natives who have to treat the water (skin disease - muscle and ...) to come here. Lowland surrounds her is fairly wide and smaller footprint of the car has seen. Nansh table the old man is flat and to force the bread and Pnyrsh makes me part. Here time is short and pristine! Springs allow for a while but I promise to leave the back are

* Mnyshjh: East Azarbaijan Province - Charavymaq

Dear friends! Me your comments will encourage more trips. Write your email in the comments, pictures and articles to your email address will be. In addition, all content and images published on the blog that my son Afshin management needed to know to thank him and to press his hand warmly

Paradise Lost  

Lake are Khshkd  

Zyvyh Castle  



Soltanieh Dome  

What he sees 

Power Administration in Iraq  


Cave Krftv

Water Warm


Takhte Soleiman 


Name of God
Iranian territory with open arms and accepts Hazama Hazama finally arrived with a shout says Welcome to Iran if the merchant and customs formalities are done and Hazama Dvmaratn begins to appear in the Persian food is satisfying and people during the course Hazama hands in the clay to warm the neck Fsharnd Vhlqh Vyznd he and Mr. Palm cake Iranian flag and the Japanese tradition of friendship between the two countries sees the provision of catering to and from their arrival and I Hazama Koo next to us was their Travel writing letters to Dvmaratn I always design in the computer program behind them in my country I want to coordination of selected cars and hotels, and Coordinating bodies and organizations to choose the path of my son Afshin Dvmaratn through Vdlsh wants me to follow the 11 / 03/2010 for a month next Hazama Afshin Dvmaratn do that while practicing, he says the two will make me proud that my country side by side in run Hazama Hazama is a great man and worthy of confidence Yi has companies that sponsor him and Congratulations are in Iran including Toyota Wish there were some I sponsor and I like Hazama ran round the world I hope you return safely to your country efforts Batshkr Ali-Zadeh

Abbas Jafari

Dedicated to Professor Granqdrm great friend Abbas Jafari

That trip Abbas Jafari, visit the rural passengers always travel the love affair, Sfryny cooking, learn, know, forgiveness, compassion, appeal, understanding, comfort, peace, public information, social relationships

Travel means faith in God and thanks to God, travel to see the facts, wishes to meet

Travel the necessity of life, escape the industrial lifestyle, travel the iris, tulips, buttercups, forest, sea, mountains, nature, and Dmn plains, desert, hearts and hearts to kidnapping, reaching sweetheart, reaching the spring, reaching the prey, the life journey with the opening of thought and imagination, opening fortune, power and energy that travels again, and finally visit brings joy

Since creation of man traveled Vmyknd economic concerns, but today is a very important factor that most people especially in the travel picks up again, but with reducing the cost of additional lives can be visited

Why: Very Sfrbayd raw to be cooked

Who is my mental static!

Bbvyd musk that your not that tell Attar

Library shelves are filled with variety of publications. Insight magazine in a series read like Jewel or uninvited guests eyed each attracted to and after the study says: What a treasure!
Yes, "Travel" for example that Ganji remains my library is appreciated Congratulations and Well done on the management of these pens and eyes. Stylus with your audience can take with Vlzt knowledge that makes his reader to pass. If the pen is a good contact does not let it go.
Ganjnameh "travel" a lot of fonts and their main task of the pen to see facts and experiences accumulate and transfer it to the best of others. But not in two years!
Hrshmarh new Azmjlh weighty "journey" printed Shvdhyjan struck'll follow carefully the treasures of the study do. "Tilt Mrn lost Mrn" really "my 13 day Safari trip range. General Knowledge Andvkhtm and gain experience and got the only defect that This was reported as total factor introduces some but not had a strong footnotes. Speaking of travel agents was when an article or report is defined as travel from one bluff closure has no meaning. For example, (Arash the latter does not) reminds me Kamangir pockets or (3 million km drive fast) the day !!!!!! 958/410 km 2,000,000 km course was some time ago. I was surprised the friend said global inflation is like. or (when you stand up and face the sun With blazing eyes wide open to the gaze are) why not take care of your eyes What crime have two? or (when the clay is Kalut and the name of the land where the wonderful Mynamy) after a pass in vain! and but about Myhmansra! employees who travel Myhmansra clearly are not thrilled guests probably have not seen their hospitality is their duty. Incidentally I also have to stay in Myhmansra personnel are highly skilled and very beautiful.
Passengers looked with wonder others do not! Why do they also have come anyway. Or about purchasing and logistics, (a list that was produced a month ago) and the destination and its climate Shryt obviously not shoddy Chinese souvenir shopping and it said in Paradise Lost Desert!
I read elsewhere that Mr. Talebi goals in their legendary desert wind lost his Jack does not know the 220-liter barrels bring with them or not? But the desert is Shghaldany?
(Brief moment of sunset is the moment that all Chyzazhrkt stands back and only a few hunters will find it in nature) in the same Shkarchyany endangered birds - Chrndgan - Reptiles and ..... Medal of Honor have been! 're Not open any time of the motion stands be sure!
(License with trunk skin Cucumber Moisture Zryfsh the blue Who wants another drink Mkd) knows better than its creator. Hopefully in memoriam cucumber skin is left in the desert.
Basically walking in the desert dressed in bright light wear if Jybha Prazkys·h tea - sugar - is heavily laden bread etc. The man is walking the trachea. Karhrbznyst repress heap, old men and cattle will be soft.
Crane simulator are read Qashqai - dance - they migrate. With this big old Bijan Valley salinity agree.
"One Step to Hell" Greed is read when I was Vsbany ate. A prisoner with a caravan that has finally say: Who is living in my mental!

Tshkrly born with ambition

What is the wisdom of this trip

Grybanm unexpected trip takes every door that Nrvm'll be a dead draw. Say religious journey 

Pilgrimage is not ambition but not the destination is invited. 

God who has invited world. 

'll Call H. Haj.   Sayed Kamal and Ghavidel   Where? 

Forget the number of days is. Thirteenth Musharraf says you should not wash today!   

I h ad shows equality thirteenth Solar Today it does not show? 

And to apologize for the concert invite 

Mr Hall that the implementation of the coma Aydaky thanked Ms. Shin and works. Sydkmal finally arrives. 

We ask your manager are you? Nvkrshmahstm tells me. 

Sharifi was very human. Bravo to select Haj Hamid. 

What is escorted all came. Prayer is begging anyone   And needy pilgrims Daynd. 

I do not know the story behind the convention requires prayer and supplication praying lies? 

In the current situation in Iraq very Dshvaryst trip journey. 

Begged God to pray for those who want to return to the health pilgrims. 

Hello Brkhdavnd the report of the tragic scenes were no pilgrims. Bravo hand. 

To set off at kebab rice instead of Hamedan, Chlvmrgh and we find no barberry Mill Restaurant 

Was too controversial and much of the health service 

Poor and dirty. 

Jayjay were the traveling companions of the country and lost Mrn tilted so sweet and Farhad Mrn. 

God where they go and what they are looking for. Sayed Kamal insists that soon reach the Mehran 

Maybe some buses to the front Byaftym. 

   Grilled Chicken restaurant in Mehran Ahmadi drunk eat with grace, unaware that 

Shamsa soup is cooked again.   Tblyghatsh 

The human eye, but in practice it will blind zero. Mehran in hot weather in the two chamber 

40 provided that one is put gas cooler is 

And other facilities, fan and living in difficult circumstances. 

But Mehran Mehran good memories not the CV. Illness in stature trees are seen 

The war-torn land and eaten Cheng 

Says to enter the soil Mqdsm ablution.   Bo is a side Khakt the homeland. 

Hong boundary Regards Fayqh promptly escorted our will. 

The Panel Souter R. (Welcome to the land of peace) is the heart of every visitor was becoming weak Iraqis 

Behind the computer illiterate, let Mtlnd and disabled them Basystm 

Vajh turns and after six hours toward Hmalhayshan We are attacked   Pilgrims suitcases 

Stir combined with their feet on the soil droppin bus 

D several times to take charity. Shamsa head wind to the health of each cart to some five hundred thousand dollars USD 

The time came, because I was watching. Bus 

Yadollah Ashyq

The name of God
Cane to a world of his men steal the blind, I'm optimistic view of there, I love search.
I wish I felt the same odor Bharradvbarh think I remember that A Shyq Yadollah, I thought the second half of the first decade and second decade of the first half of the vocal pleasant life he lived. Left - Right - opener - the tip - the tip - left ten to one - one - two - five. Were voices that were loud mouth Avesta and Shagrdsh was formed and the role of carpet, carpet with voice students nodes A Mybstnd Shyq.
Ie hunting lion hunting story. Sazda Chalyb Ashyq Yadollah - Balabanda Chalyb Rahim Dale adolescence - Gval da Chalan help service. The tape number one - two - three - four ....... Fifty-five. I always wanted to know how the story will end, but most of the time or later Avesta Knsy not worked in the market to buy or were rare, but when his mind any time that day did not even visit her by CD. /
Over three decades, not lightning, but with hardship and difficulty.
Guests had a friend that he had a keen interest Ashyqha, Yadollah Radydm Myngrystm and heart to love words and I would dress stature Rana Azeri, not a moment went out of seeing my garlic Agraznzdyk Nmyshdm friend said do you do to see? I told the garment first and then kissed his fingers and then his larynx. Azari is a symbol to all to be proud Aylkhchy means that he is a symbol instance.
Here is that you get to land
Chance to help and get back to help
Life is barren and without my beloved passed
Kardnya Ngzard to get work
I pass a number of moments that have to Aylkhchy see him closely because the moments are realized my childhood to remember him. What indeed help from service?
Babak Khorram Yadollah wish of both religions calls.
Persian month Azar in 1387 - Ali Hemmatzadeh


The Name of God

Alley is strange. Single and tired of everything and cut. Eram Boulevard on west side of East Third Street Mehrshahr called impasse has sided companions. Wild cats in the Alborz is located. Kvchkyst Iran as a point. Like a flicker always makes out just like all have forget. Like the stars fill the Milky Way is Syahchalhhayy. Mytrkd Pipe Water Authority makes appointment for the repair and restoration Messenger goes after it fills the entire hole. Even the pipes in ancient times, perhaps before the date, only for a small building in the heart of the land was quiet and gradually build buildings with several Vahdh thin tube with a sip of water residents drink makes the heart. However, the Water Authority apparently does not matter that thicker pipe so residents should perhaps half a night for ablutions and prayer, night prayer reading for the organization departed ...

Electric lights gradually become prostrate bow to and never altogether clear bulbs but do not be clear which of the following Khsthaym, Wind Power Department to health.

Winter streets in the municipality Hmjvark·h party are out of snow removal and hearts are full of snow Prhsrt trucks escorted gives them. Jvyhaysh nearby streets with rocks and Isfahan have been closed but Neiriz Azin out our eyes by looking at his drink other decorative stones and hand shall be praying for you takes atmospheric stone table we have

This morning standoff Alborzi strange companions is very interesting, containers of mineral water, soda, buttermilk and eggs Dlstr and shoulders and a small gift such as cartons Jagyr by municipal officers have been removed from the bag anywhere and Puzzled Srgrdannd Alley, bravo and hundreds of entrepreneurs to dame street and back alley to tie efforts are Vrvb and Medal of Honor went to the municipality and adults.

Of course, much respected telecommunications company spider hairs in the boxes next to Dydnyast magic. Vylan and Puzzled and intertwined together, and outdoor. When rain is God who watches the rain clouds on the right do not have spider or else telephone lines are disrupted.

King Daghym

Daghym Shah,
Chal Papaghym,
Dayaghym il,
Shanly S·hndym
Tvfanly be S·hndym
Heydar Baba Bashda single Qarla Qyrvvla San Qaryshyb
Fast Download Aypk Tylly Bvlvdlarla Afqdh San Saryshyb
San Baryshyb Savasharkn
Laly Srry Gvydn inspired sling Smavath Dyyh
Agh Hlh boils boron, Yazda Yashyl Gyyh sling Da Don
Halva Qvradan Yyyh sling
CD singles humor Svnalar Dvshlrvndh breast tit Lrdh
Not sweet like spring Lryn
Avyashyl Tyllry, Yale Hvrmh ten Ynaly Shrdh
Li-like coquetry Ayshmh Lryn
Strong Yaghysh Yaghsada or Ghsyn
Flood Avlvb Khsada Khsyn
Lor Valley Yanlarvnda like
Qlmqashlaryn strong Avchsvn Lrlh splendor, Hamy Bakhsyn
Dvshlrvndh nape Lrvar
He Lrdh Atk Lala Lryn not like Gizlar Yanaghy
Chychkdn fool Nndh misdemeanor, not Galin Lrkymy Nazyn
Yale Asndh Avsvlarda no secret Dorrin Nyazyn
Avynayar Gvllvqvtazyn
Telecommunication maker Tytrh Yyr single branch Chayda Lryn Chmndh
His Yale Tylrdh Geza Do not Kvravghly Sazyn Chaly
Astragalus has grown quiet Aydyb Gvldh Perry Lrlh Chymndh
They promised Qanadan Agh towels wrench coquetry Lee Qazyn
R. Gydh Thong, strong herd Yazyn
Hlh flower-like flower, like Chychgyn Qar, herds Jklr
Flood, Yaghyshda Yvyvnar Now ten Gvnsh les Gvlh Jklr
Avzlryn sharp Sylh Jklr
Qyshda Khlyk Hvsy crushed, crooked Qachdyqda Jvanlar
Nazli Yaraq Qaqqylda Qarda Qlmqashlaryn Olson
Yaz, he Dvshlrdh lunch Mndh Sin Chdyqda Chvbanlar
Bvlly, Svdly Svrvlr, Dudley Qavvtmashlaryn Olson
Lyb poet who feels he Sndn, San vascular Dalarsan
They each gave his Cheetah vs. San Vyrh gave Larsan
Each offspring Tarydan Larsan
Dash Avldvqda, San Avnla, Daha Rtyq Avjalarsan
Be Avjaldyqda Damavand Daghyndan ransom Larsan
Milk Crown Alyndn Larsan
Children, Shryn, Adbyn King Daghydyr, Sahand Shanly
Children, Dan Simorgh Lmaqdady Fndy
Poetry in Sepah Yazanda Qlmyndn Bakhasan Lndy
Sanky Avldvzlar Alndy
Burner Dyyndh Gvrvsn Qatdy Gvly, pistachios straw, sugar
Poet Yashasyn Effendi
Avnh poet, one who applies Who Vsfynh Daghyn Gvrdvm
I have seen so Snvn single Avjalyq Mshqynh Mshaq Gvrdvm
Love, love Ahlynh seen so eager Gvrdvm
Avnh poet, Who dream Mrkbynh Shvvshyghayanda
He Yaghyn your whale Tvzly Bvlvdlarda Qvyanda
Pipe Yyr Lnmkdh Persian month Dey - Globe Nyjh petition Saryanda
Jackson fuck her Zmanda
Varsa no time, place Varsa Ksyb Bychdy Bexar Nda
Gychh Jklr, herd nor Bvyanda Jklr not Avyanda
Not Bylym Hayanda Qaldy
No respect for Bach-like Avnvn Yvzdymyshy started buying Papaghynda
Taji Shrynyn be Agylmysh Dvrmvsh Qabaghynda
Bashyna Savrylan Aynjy, Charyq Avlmvsh Yaghynda
Revelation late poem, property lordship Pychyldyr Qvlaghynda
Shhdy like wings Dvdaghynda
Children Daghlar Kymy Shanyndh not Yazsam Yarashandyr
Children ruthless Qvparan Qarla Kvlk les Dvrvshandyr
Qvdvza, Zalmh Qarshy Grmysh chest, Vvrvshandyr
Qvdvzvn Kvrknh, ruthless single Darashandyr Byrh Lor
Mma Vjhyndh Agylmysh Svrvshandyr poor mood
Les Arts Mltdh Qara Art Bvlsa Rashandyr
Qaralarla Qaryshandyr
Gyjh Hqqyn Gvzvdyr, the Tvrtmysh Avjaghynda
Erie Yyb Yagh single Avrklrdy Yanyrlar Chyraghynda
May, tulips Aychyb Mhbtdn Bytybdyr Yanaghynda
When he Avghlan Beer, Lor Sue Perry Aychrlr Chanaghynda
Aynjy Qaynar Bvlaghynda
Who Bvlbvl Bexar favorite humor, trick Avkhvr Bvdaghynda
Sari Svnbvl Qvjaghynda
Solar legendary Persian month Dey Svylh R. Avnvn Afsvnly Baghynda
Shryn Chnly Chaghynda
Sharyn hobby, not Afsvnly not Baghlar Lee legend
IP No Baghlarky ((a Lilly)) Ten Ten Baghlar Legend
Avdyakhyb, Daghlary Daghlar
Gvlrs·h fool Bvlagh Ghlar
Sharyn Yvlmz Alemi, they decline Almdh Yvkh
Rzylar Avrda Khatrlyh Amkandy, impossible Yvkh
Janet Kymy Avrda forbidden garden late Bo Bvhlal Yvkh
Dysphoric Avmhbtdh Yvkh
Daha smelting being late Avrda Yvkh
Lor Gyjh Avrda Gvmvshdndy, Qyzyldan not Gvnvzlr
No Emerald Kymy Baghlardy, not marble Kymy Dvzlr
Sari Tylly Aynklr not, nor Ala Gvzlv Yvkvzlr
IP IP Nyjh Avzlr Kymy
Ghajlary not fool peacock Kymy Chtryn Chyb Alvan
Hllh Krvanydy Chvllr, male misdemeanor Svrs·h Bo Krvan
Da Krvany Dvh Daghlar, animal smell in the Persian month Dey Yvky Atlas
Sabryn Shhrynh Dvghrv, Capt. Ten Qatary Boots
She Shirvan Khyalymdaky
Ur da Qarda Yaghar, Mma Daha Gvllr Svla Bylmz
Bo nature, her first late Travtdh impossible Bylmz
Vmr cup double CD Avrda Bylmz
He Bakharsan Afqlrdh Nine Ten Nyzlr not Bvghazlar
No Prylr Kymy Qvshlar Qvnvb, N. Avchmaqda goose Lar
Gvldh Chymmkdh not Gizlar
Balygh Avldvz Kymy Gvllrdh, dozens of Paryldar Lrdh
Sin Flood waterfall Mrvary Kymy Tvkdvkdh Kharyldar
Yale Kvshvldar, Sue Sharyldar
Azerbaijan Shrlr Ghyrtly Avghly Mohammad Hossein Shhryardan

Comes Avmy

Comes Avmy
The trip meaning first learned of theAbbas
. In the first trip he said: Define travel. I said: moving towards the destination of origin. Said: Wrong, travel, ie moving towards the source of origin!
More than a hundred times and I had outfit with Bas about 2000 miles per trip in beautiful, Driving Course, before I learned the lesson and I delivered.
Wednesday of most weeks, he said: make fire. I said: Where did we go? May said: Just go. And it went Hchnan main branches and sub-beam to the road and some property I own, and sometimes the right road and in every trip we instead saw the new Iran. Snapshot by his lessons were interesting and fun. Live life to be learned from Bas. Pattern was and is very good for me.
And he goes back to my mother because she has Nzrha. Angel for her words and tears are for her narration.
My eyes have seen his world. Still sound (a country I) and running in the mud Bastami Bas provinces to take photos of flowers near the ice will caress my ears Sahoolan.
His back foot soil I'm his eye kohl. Bas shoes for my flowers that were inside the car under surveillance and newspapers had to miss wide. Lessons remain that still have not learned.
Wind Nngt Tryshvly! The dry cleaner divine. 'll Kayak into pieces. I knew that love Bas Nepal is torn Bshvy to us if he Brngrdany!
Bas! What nights sleeping next to me that NO Bydarmandy time is short, which should reach.
Bas! What sunrise or sunset, which ran from the moment initiated.
Bas! Who has traveled back gives break. The way back to earth yet have wide feet that do the kiss.
Bas! Rev that old tree Shahqly Glabyhaysh is holding for you. Old aunt is there, wait. Abbas Hnvzs·hnd course you have not seen. Do not put that number by waiting Qabhaysh Kalashnikovs become low. Kakvty kill his expectation that they Tragyn your mouth. Mnyshjh Spa is disgusting, says Abbas failed in the winter and I-ton water does. Charavymaq ashamed of charge Grg·haysh siege.
Rbaba tells you how. You must double back Dmhay correct you. I gave took forty springs. Aq tears will blind, impatience and rebellion has Trkydh throat. The back office has been without top. Where to go? Not leaving without you. Sahand buttercups and edges without the permit you do not take a photo.
Why would I gave the spa is that you made their way to be paved. If you come to the old saying Mybrnt Sqa. Batv Persian month Mehr Temple was alive. Takes expectations. Well the other passengers remained in the way water does Msafrhay.
I sleep when I sleep, nature Rami nose and see you when you sleep, sleep. Turnaround bright eyes of our heart and make us live! Dvstdaransh God for revolving cutting!
waiting to Ali Hemmatzadeh