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Monday, January 10, 2011

Do not water Ragl

Asr Boulevard Mehrshahr head of crooked car I Second Street to the west end is Qzhsar A. N. Rd. In this universe everything has bumps and holes together in the heart of the West II has been replaced. Proud to host this street Azin Khodro, the father of the industry that services a day in Trddand staff. Malek Abad then get there. Boulevard entrance only one band that is two way! Batrahy Bsyarzyf! . Ramjyn next village which has many similarities with Malek Abad filled with the difference of retention rate of strife. Then walking to the village let Zafaranieh summer before reaching the trading firm is filled. Can be firmly said a firm cost of each villa. Very busy and very eventful prices. More kilometers to a side track under strong pressure Aqbalyh big hole with your car tires are soft to the Side. Bill stood to lose and I heard the sound of the horn. After about four kilometers Mhmdabadkhalsh village will allow Dhyar office is just ahead with its two large boards will exponentially Vdrnbsh screw path is located ninety degrees Mqablsh a lake full of rain water and snow were collected and mud that I was aware and Ella around Npashd Dhyar come to eat. Karim Abad leave behind Abdolabad side, is another earth path. Alborz heard Governor ordered that all the way rural municipality and with the efforts and Dehdari Bkhshdaryha should be paved. Apparently on the road map has not come yet! Pain was the heart of a passer